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Physical Therapy FAQs

How is Manual Therapy Different Than Chiropractic Care?

The type of therapy emphasized at Belding Physical Therapy is similar in some ways to chiropractic care. Both disciplines emphasize normalizing joint function.

Our approach is different in three key ways:

  • There is no forceful manipulation (adjustment or “cracking”) performed
  • There is a heavier emphasis put on soft tissue treatment (myofascial, trigger point release)
  • Emphasis on exercise progressions

Will Physical Therapy Help Me with My Pain?

In most cases, yes. I have found that if therapy will ultimately be beneficial, you will notice a change within the first 3-4 treatments.

Physical Therapy Definitions

Manual Therapy

Hands on approach to muscle, joint and fascial dysfunction in the human body. This approach allows for enhanced recovery time from injury by increasing blood flow, normalizing reflex activity, decreasing muscle spasm and restoring normal range of motion.

Athletic Injury

Rehabilitation of common sprains, strains and tendonitis is crucial to maintain a higher level of performance and to keep you on the field of play. Our approach is effective in maintaining function during the season and is very helpful in the off-season to normalize function to avoid re-injury the following season.


Therapy following surgery is crucial to restore range of motion, decrease muscle guarding and reduce swelling to expedite healing time and recovery. It is also important to know when to progress your program to regain strength and coordination. Physical therapy can properly advance your rehab so that you do not injure the surgical repair.


It is common to continue to have pain and symptoms following surgery because of continued joint and soft tissue dysfunction. This is where Belding Physical Therapy can help alleviate these problems and optimize any surgical outcome.

Repetitive Stress Injury

This type of injury is very common in sport and in jobs that require repetition throughout the day of the same movement patterns or require sustained postual positions for extended periods of time.